Unique safety features

The flexibility of Seecure Workplace allows you to configure the system according to your requirements. Use Seecure Web Console to manage your system. 

Easy, effective alarm distribution

Activating an alarm and getting the help you require should be easy, instant and secure. 

Seecure alarms can easily be activated, without having to unlock and use the smartphone. 

The alarms are instantly distributed to co-workers, allowing them to take corrective action in order to assist you, at your exact location. 

High precision positioning

When an emergency occurs, it is extremely important that the time to locate the user in need instantly.

Seecure Location Beacons can pinpoint users inside any building, on any floor, in any room. 

Handle the emergency within the company

Seecure Alarm Center allows you to internally view and handle incoming alarms. 

Companies can customize internal alarm action plans, ensuring that the recipients take corrective actions during and that the user receives assistance as fast as possible.

Perfect your own safety system

Seecure Workplace is a flexible safety system that allows you to customize it to your organization, regardless of business area.  

Alarm Monitoring

Connect certain individuals, or the entire company, to alarm monitoring services to ensure instant emergency dispatch during alarms. 


Seecure is complaint with the laws requiring your company to install digital safety systems.


Configure how alarms should be distributed and groups should be set up to create a safety system that fits your organization. 


One of our core philosophies is that safety should be available for everyone. Seecure Workplace is an affordable, yet extremely powerful safety solution.  

Protect your employees

We believe that safety should be available for everyone, which is why we have made Seecure a highly configureable and affordable solution. With Seecure, you are in control of your safety. 

Customizable Employee Safety

Seecure Workplace can be tailored to fit your requirements. Settings and permissions can be edited on a group and individual basis. Determine how the alarms should be distributed internally, and create specific rules for different geographical locations. 

Hotel Safety

Whenever an emergency occurs, activating an alarm should be easy. 
Seecure Alarm buttons enable instant alarm activation during incidents, and by installing our location beacons, you can quickly determine on what floor and in exactly which room help is required

Distributor Safety

When delivering goods, distributors face multiple risks. Risks of being the target of attempted robberies, assaults, as well as trafic accidents. Seecure alarms can be distributed to the nearest co-workers, or to the local offices. 

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Seecure Workplace is a highly flexible system that can be configured according to your requirements.
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