smartphone application

Seecure is a smartphone application, enabling fast and efficient alarm activation

Alarm distribution

Alarms are instantly sent to your selected contacts, ensuring that you get the help you need

Alarm button

The alarm button allows you to activate alarms without having to unlock the smartphone


Communicate with your co-workers during active alarms or during workdays


Set up your Workplace account in less than an hour. Customize it to fit your requirements


Set up groups with employees with the same roles, work location or work hours

Alarm Handling

Make sure that you know what to do when you receive an alarm, by following the determined alarm action plan 


Seecure Location beacons pinpoints your exact location indoors and outdoors

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Protect your employees

We believe that safety should be available for everyone, which is why we have made Seecure a highly configureable and affordable solution. With Seecure, you are in control of your safety. 

Customizable Employee Safety

Seecure Workplace can be tailored to fit your requirements. Settings and permissions can be edited on a group and individual basis. Determine how the alarms should be distributed internally, and create specific rules for different geographical locations. 

Hotel Safety

Whenever an emergency occurs, activating an alarm should be easy. 
Seecure Alarm buttons enable instant alarm activation during incidents, and by installing our location beacons, you can quickly determine on what floor and in exactly which room help is required

Distributor Safety

When delivering goods, distributors face multiple risks. Risks of being the target of attempted robberies, assaults, as well as trafic accidents. Seecure alarms can be distributed to the nearest co-workers, or to the local offices. 

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Seecure Workplace is a highly flexible system that can be configured according to your requirements.
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Client Testimonials

We have chosen Seecure Workplace to protect our 1,000+ employees during their workday

Pontus Olsson

Point Logistik

Ocean Five values the security that Seecure provides to our employees. It is important to us that our staff feels safe in the workplace

Kevin McLaney

Ocean Five Hotel

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