Stay safe, wherever you are

Increase your everyday safety with Seecure. The application allows you to activate alarms to alert friends and family that you need assistance. 

Man with an umbrella walking in the rain

Free to use

We believe that safety should be available for everyone. That’s why Seecure is free to download, and without limitations to when or where you can use it. 

Easy alarm activation

Connect the wearable alarm button to enable fast and easy alarm activation, without having to use the smartphone. 

Silent Alarms

Activate alarms without alerting the perpetrator with the silent alarm mode. It still distributes the alarm to the selected contacts, without making noise. 

Take control of your safety

Alarm distribution

Emergency contacts will always receive alarms, regardless of position or time. 

Create groups with different contacts that you can activate depending on the time of day, activity and location. 


Your personal integrity is important, for us and for you. You decide when, and with whom, you want to share your location. 


Use the application for everyday communication with your friends, family and other contacts. 

Alarm communication groups will automatically be created during emergencies, allowing contacts from different groups to inform each other about the ongoing situation. 

Seecure Alarm button attached to the backpack straps using metal clip