Frequently Asked Questions

All features mentioned in the FAQ can be customized and configured according to the company’s requirements. The features listed below are turned on in the standard setup, but can be turned off in accordance with your requirements. 

Application and System features

How does Seecure work?​

Seecure is a smartphone-based application that allows users to easily activate alarms to alert co-workers and security companies during emergencies. ​

​Alarm notifications include detailed information about the user’s exact position, allowing the recipients to quickly locate the person and assist. ​An alarm group is automatically created, where the users can inform each other about the situation. 

Can users use the systems outside of work as well? ​

Yes, the system allows users to add family and friends in private groups that can be used whenever a user leaves their workplace. ​

Does Seecure save personal data, such as previous positions and chat messages? 

No, Seecure does not save any data regarding how users move, or how they use the application. However, Seecure will only save alarm data, which will display relevant positions during alarms and actions taken. 

Do the users need to have their smartphones on them at all times?

If the user has an alarm button, they do not necessarily need to have the smartphone on them at all times, but it should be nearby. For instance, a hotel housekeeper can leave the smartphone on the cleaning cart in the hallway – or an agricultural worker can leave the smartphone in the vehicle while working near the vehicle. 

However, we do recommend that you keep the smartphone close, especially when inside as the Bluetooth range can be affected by the building’s structure. 

Does Seecure use much battery?

No, the application does not use much battery when running passively. During active alarms, it will use more battery as the position updates more often. 

Can I communicate with co-workers when there are active alarms?

Yes. Users can always communicate within the groups. 

Can video or sound be added to the alarm notification?

No. This requires access to the user’s camera or microphone at all times, in order for us to be able to activate it during an alarm. This is regulated by Apple and Android – and most importantly, this is a feature that might jeopardize the personal integrity of our users. 

What’s the benefit of having an alarm application? Can’t we just call for help?

The risk of having a system that is based on single phone calls is that it heavily relies on multiple uncertain factors. 

First, you need to unlock your smartphone and manage to call the correct person, which in itself can be difficult.

Secondly, it only transmits the alarm to a single recipient, requiring them to be able to answer in time. 

Lastly, it can be hard to communicate relevant and important information during emergencies. 

With Seecure, you increase the chances that the alarm is noticed by someone as the alarm can be transmitted to multiple contacts at once, with detailed position information. Additionally, Seecure automatically creates an alarm group instantly as an alarm is activated where multiple respondents can communicate and inform each other of the ongoing situation.

We have staff delivering goods all over a large geographical region. Can they still use Seecure?

Yes. Seecure does not have any geographical limitations, and it can be used globally. 

Seecure Alarms

Can users receive alarms when they are at home?​

If it’s a requirement, specific users can receive alarms at all times, regardless of their position. 

It seems as if there is a lot going on when an alarm is activated. How long does it take for the alarm to be distributed?

Correct, there is a lot going on in the alarm distribution process, however, the actions are basically instant meaning that the alarm is distributed within seconds. 

Can a perpetrator deactivate an alarm?

Seecure has developed safety precautions to make it difficult for the perpetrator to deactivate the alarm. An example is that users can add a PIN code that is required to deactivate the alarm. 

What happens if the perpetrator throws away the smartphone?

If the perpetrator destroys or gets rid of the smartphone without disabling the alarm, the alarm signal will still be distributed from the smartphone.

We fear that loud alarms can scare our hotel guests. Is there a way to silently communicate alarms?

Yes. Seecure has a silent alarm mode that will not attract attention from people nearby. This allows a company, a hotel for example, to handle the situation internally initially.

Seecure Alarm Notifications

As an administrator, can I be sure that I receive the alarm notifications? 

Yes, if the system is configured correctly. If you have all notifications turned on, you will receive multiple notifications on your smartphone, including a text message and a phone call, as well as notification in the Seecure Web Console.

What kind of notifications are available?

Smartphone based: In-app notifications, text messages, phone calls. 

Seecure Web Console: Pop-up notification (with sound) and alarm banner.

Alarm Button & Location Beacons

Does every user need an alarm button?

No, this is a decision that can be taken internally. If a user has limited access to the smartphone, it could be wise to equip that user with the alarm button to enable faster and easier alarm activation.

Can we control the status of our beacons?

To control the status of the installed beacons, a beacon run has to be conducted. This is done by opening the Beacon Configurator (separate app or in the Seecure application). The scan updates the status of the beacon (activity and battery), which will be displayed in the Seecure Web Console. 

An employee lost their alarm button, can they still use the application?

Absolutely. The application can still be used, and alarms can still be activated in the application. If the alarm button is lost, the user can simply pair a new one.

Most of our employees work outdoors, regardless of weather conditions. Can you use the alarm button in the rain?

Yes, the alarm button is classified IP 44 standard which means that it can be used in the rain, with wet hands, etc. We don’t recommend that you fully submerge the button.

How many beacons do we need to locate employees indoors?

The beacons can be very precise and pinpoint exactly which room a user is in (which could be beneficial for hotels). However, the answer to this question depends on multiple factors, one being how precise you want the system. Do you need to exactly pinpoint where a user is, or is a general area “good enough”? 

Are there any outdoor beacons? 

Yes, Seecure offers beacons that can be used outdoors to reduce the time to identify where an outdoor emergency is taking place. The outdoor beacons are waterproof. 

Seecure Web Console and Workplace Configuration

A user is experiencing some issues and can’t receive any alarms. What can the administrators do to control it?

Seecure Web Console has a User Report section that allows the administrators to view the user’s settings and permissions. Certain permissions need to be active for the application to work properly. Make sure that the permissions are active and try again. 

We have new employees quite often, therefore, we need an easy way to add and remove members from our Seecure System. 

Adding or removing a member is a matter of minutes. To add a member, you just need to enter their first and last name and their phone number. After they have been added to the system, you can send the new member an invitation link to the workplace via text message. The link will automatically open the AppStore or Google Play, and once the application is downloaded and installed, the user will be added to the Workplace.

Can we add multiple members at the same time?

Yes, by importing a file to the Seecure Web Console with the user’s names and phone numbers. The invitation link can be sent individually via text message, or copied and added to an email, intranet, or similar. 

How do we remove members from the Workplace?

If an employee leaves the company, the administrators need to remove them from the system within the Seecure Web Console.

We have offices in five cities, do we need separate Seecure Workplace Accounts for each office? 

No, that’s not necessary. Each office can be configured separately, with its members only being connected to their nearest co-workers. This makes it easier for the company HR, for instance, to edit and manage the entire workforce. 

Alarm Center

Alarms are a rare occurrence. Can we make sure that everyone takes the correct action when it happens?

Yes, by determining an alarm action plan when setting up the system. When an alarm is viewed in the Alarm Center, the determined steps will be displayed as well – allowing the viewers to follow the instructions to make sure that corrective actions are taken. 

Is there a way for us to communicate a message to all our employees during emergencies?

Yes, administrators can send emergency text messages during large-scale emergencies. 

Will all alarms be displayed in the Seecure Web Console?

Yes, all active alarms will be displayed in the Alarm Center.