Seecure makes it easier to activate alarms during emergencies

Introducing SAFE by Seecure® – The Panic Button for Personal Safety.

Seecure offers a wearable alarm button for personal use. The alarm button makes it easy to send alarm notifications to family members, friends, and other users in the proximity – and it can be used in violent or threatening situations.

Activate alarms easily at the push of a button
Seecure has previously offered a free-to-use application to activate alarms through the smartphone, however, it is not always possible to take the phone out of the pocket or purse during threatening situations. Therefore, Seecure has developed a wearable alarm button, SAFE by Seecure®, that makes it easy to activate alarms without having to use the smartphone. The alarm button can easily be attached to clothes, keyring or similar to ensure that it is always within reach.

When an alarm is activated, predetermined contacts will be able to see the user’s position, so that they can assist on-site quickly.

Silent alarm mode
Seecure also has a silent alarm mode, which is not visible on the phone or makes any sound. The mode can be used if the user does not want to alert the perpetrator that an alarm has been activated.

– The silent alarm mode is designed to be used in situations where there is a risk that a loud alarm increases the risk for the user, for example in the event of a robbery or if you are at risk of domestic violence. With the silent alarm mode, nothing is seen or heard from the phone, which can be very important in some situations, says Anders Paulson, CEO of Seecure.

Well-established in the US
In 2019, Seecure has established itself in the US market and is used today to protect thousands of users, both private individuals and companies.

Other features
An important part of Seecure is that the user can share their position with their selected contacts, for example when you go home yourself in the evening, ride home from football practice, or just want your friends or family to know where you are. The user decides who should see one’s position, to protect the user’s personal integrity.

SAFE by Seecure® subscriptions can be purchased in the Seecure application, available on  Google Play and  Apple AppStore.