About us

The company was founded in 2016 by Anders Paulson, who came up with the idea of connecting family and friends in an alarm application to increase the everyday safety of the users, and the development of the application started immediately. An initial focus was to create a safety solution that’s available for everyone. 

The first version of Seecure focused on personal safety. The application allowed the user to activate alarms both in-app and with an alarm button. The alarms were immediately sent to the users’ families and friends, as well as nearby Seecure users.

 After a couple of years, the company moved from Ängelholm to Malmö – and started developing a new version of the system, focusing on workplace safety. The ambition was to create a flexible and customizable safety solution that would fit any company, regardless of their field of work – and that it would be affordable for everyone.

 We have since then further developed Seecure, adding more features and perfecting the system. Some of the new features have been developed after receiving feedback from clients and partners. Being open to feedback is important for us to continue to develop and protect our users.

Our Team

Anders Paulson

CEO and Founder

Hans Mellhammar


Gustav Rosengren

Communications Manager

Hannes Remahl

Lead Developer