Safety should be available for everyone

Our ambition is to increase the safety of every employee within a company – and we cannot do that with a system that is too difficult or too expensive to use. 

A safety system isn’t something that is used everyday. That makes it extremely important for us to make sure that the core function of the system is easy to use. Alarms are easily activated in the application, or by pressing the wearable alarm button. 

The system does not require anything else than a smartphone to run, letting you use existing company phones to increase the safety of your co-workers. That makes it easier for you to equip your employees with a powerful safety solution. 

An important feature that Seecure offers is customization. Seecure is flexible and it can be tailored to fit any type of organization. Improve your workplace safety today!

Get home safe with Seecure

Safety should be available for everyone, and during all hours of the day – and it should be easy to use. Seecure is free to use and allows the user to connect with friends, family, and colleagues.

If you feel unsafe on your way home from work, school or practice, you can share your location with your contacts. Once at home, you can stop sharing your location with the contacts, and let them know that you arrived safely at home.

If the situation escalates, you can activate an alarm which will alert your contacts to increase your chance of receiving assistance immediately.

Seecure® is available on Google Play and Apple AppStore.

City with multiple locations added and displayed

How it Works: Positioning

Without adding or installing any additional features, Seecure uses the smartphone’s built-in GPS to locate users. This is the same feature that’s being used when using smartphone map services or similar services.

However, when indoors, the precision of the GPS often gets reduced, and it can’t determine which floor a user is on. To increase the precision you can use Seecure Location beacons. Simply put, the smartphone determines the exact position by instantly measuring their beacons signal strength. That enables you to pinpoint exactly where a user is, on which floor, and even in specific rooms.

This feature is highly recommended when installing our system at any indoor location, to ensure that any assistance is sent to the correct location immediately.